Technology Research


※ 1 technology: the world’s leading level of polyolefin shrink film production equipment manufacturing capacity and innovation, equipment manufacturing has a number of patents.
* R & D: Shrink film cutting-edge technology research and development capabilities, independent research and development success of a variety of series of shrink film products, the company produced the product line of more than 80 percent of the product line for China’s first, and has a number of shrink film production patent The

Production equipment


※ production: the world’s most important, the largest production capacity of polyolefin shrink film manufacturers, can produce all series of polyolefin shrink film to meet a variety of packaging needs.
※ equipment: the world’s leading polyolefin shrink film production equipment, can produce a variety of high-quality polyolefin shrink film to meet the needs of different customers.

工Printing Process


Has the world’s leading polyolefin heat shrinkable film printing equipment and printing technology, rich and unique experience, to provide you with the perfect shrinking film printing products and a full range of services! Shrink film printing program can be a perfect solution to product security packaging, information identification, image enhancement, reduce packaging costs and other problems. In the display of goods to create a differentiated sales, product information more clearly highlighted. Excellence in print design capabilities and precise color matching to ensure the most perfect printing and packaging effect